Chapter 2: What’s the Story we’ll implement?


  • Dispute resolution requires gathering and correlating facts from multiple parties. This is a slow and labor intensive effort, which ties up over $100M at any point in time.
  • In this example, those parties are: - The Finance Organization - The Buyer - The Seller - The Provider - The Shipper

The Basic Stories

  • As a Finance Organization, I want to see the finance related status of every order executed by my clients when they are using my credit services instantly and in real-time
  • This will allow me to manage dispute resolution over the phone immediately rather than taking multiple weeks to resolve a dispute.
  • As a seller, I want to see the order, shipping and finance status of every sale in the system.
  • As a buyer, I want to see the real-time status of every order.
  • As a buyer, I want to be able to initiate a dispute with the click of a single button and provide all required data automatically to my finance organization
  • As a manufacturer, I want to be able to see all open orders and the shipment status on all orders.
  • As a shipper, I want to be able to interact with this system with as little change as possible on my end.